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Oak Hill Unlimited is a family/veteran-owned and operated company committed to providing quality products at affordable prices for the Urban Farmers, Pet Lovers, and Outdoors men and women. The owners, Troy and Deb Sheldon, have always had a strong passion for farming, hunting, and gardening, and now want to share that passion through Oak Hill Unlimited. We are committed to your success!

Troy and Deb are both military veterans, and understand what it takes to be successful in any task. They are applying their experience to help provide the best and most effective products for you to enjoy.

Troy and Deb have instilled a value system with all our employees and partners. These values are:

Ethics: Do the right thing and always encourage others to do the right, honest, and ethical things.

Accountability: Know your responsibilities and live up to your commitments.

Respect: Treat others with the same professional and personal consideration that we expect for ourselves.

Teamwork: Value different viewpoints. Embrace the opportunity to work and share ideas with all stakeholders.

Our products are easy to use, and even those who are just discovering their green thumb will love what we have to offer. So, whether you have customers that are trying to catch that pesky mole, or looking to keep their trees hydrated, Oak Hill Unlimited has what you need.