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Industrial sourcing

Oak Hill Unlimited provides industrial sourcing services for manufacturers in need of custom and hard-to-find parts and components. Our experienced team offers turnkey sourcing services, from design to delivery. 



Boots/ Bellows: Flexible connectors, protective covers, way covers; round, square, rectangular, urethane, PVC, coated fabrics; molded, dipped, sewn.

Extrusions: Profile or tubular, solid or sponge, bulk or cut lengths or spliced.

Foam/Sponge: Custom molded, die cut or sheets, rigid or flexible; for noise & shock absorption; insulation; closed-cell & open-cell, stripping on rolls, die-cut, with or without adhesive.

Gaskets/Seals: Die-cut & lathe-cut; sponge & solid rubber parts; ANR, ARMSTRONG, BOSTON, GARLOCK, KLINGER, ROGERS, UNIROYAL; non-abestos alternative, also. All types of seals: oil seals.

Molded: ELDER RUBBER: compression, transfer & injection molding; rubber-to-metal bonding; BUNA-N (NITRILE), 1 EPDM, NATURAL, NEPPRENE®, SILICONE, VITON®, etc.; domestic & Chinese sourcing.

Miscellaneous: Adhesives (DEVCON®, PERMABOND®, 3M) Belts, Expansion Joints, Hose (metal also) & Fittings (DIXON), O-Rings, Rolls (up to 36” dia. And 23’ long), Seals, Sheet Rubber, Tapes (3M)…



Bags/Film: KING BAG, bulk bags, shrink bags, trash bags, drum liners, shrink & stretch film; sheets.

Bearings: IGUS, IGLIDE® self-lubricating polymers, I inch & metric sizes; DRYLIN® linear bearings & rail systems; rod end couplings/bearings; sheet metal clips.

Blow Molding: Custom blow molding of P/E, ABS, and P/P; shot capacity to six pounds; all secondary operations.

Cable & Carriers: IGUS: German engineered flexible conducts for protection & guidance of cables & horses; harnessed assemblies, CHAINFLEX® hi-flex cables & PMA conduit.

Castable Polymers: ITW PHILADELPHIA RESINS SUPER ALLOY™ - In plant kits for repair, shim, low friction or grouting.

Design/Proto’s: Contract designing & consulting service. CAD & SLA capabilities; prototyping; models.

Ducting/Hose: MASTERDUCT; Urethane; temperature & chemical fabric/film constructions; to 36° ID (metric also).

Extrusions: Profile configurations with textured, woodgrain, or colored Mylar surfaces; tubular & dual durometer; rigid or flexible; P/E, P/S. PVS. etc.; heat shrinkable tubing.

Fiberglass: Fiber Reinforced Plastic-hand lay-up, spray, RTM – economical tooling; Matched Metal Molding for higher volumes; tanks; scrubbers, ductwork; grafting & structural components.

Injection Molding: All thermoplastics; machines from 30 to 3000 tons; complete tooling and secondary capabilities; including; appliance, decorative; electrical; electronic, furniture & transportation components; S.P.C. in place; RIM; structural foam; gas assist; 2-shot molding.

Machined: CNC, laser, manual, stamped, punched, all materials; short & long runs.

Rotational: Plastic tanks – standard sizes 14 to 1400 gal. – D.O.T. Mini-Bulk Tank; custom molding; larger parts – economical molds, short to medium volume runs; secondary operations.

Teflon®: Back-Up Rings, Chevron-V Packing, Lantern Rings, O-Rings, Valve Discs & Seats and custom products – molded, machined, extruded, filled & virgin; sheet, rod, tube, tape.

Urethane: Cast and molded urethanes in durometers of 30 Shore A to 80 Shore D; excels in abrasion and impact resistance.

Vacuum Forming: Thermo & pressure forming from thin gauge/high volume to heavy gauge/small volume; up to 6’ x 10’ parts; from a face mask to a dunnage tray; transparencies; guards; OEM parts; trays.

Miscellaneous: All materials in sheet, rod & tube; Coatings (including Static Conducting), Dip Molding, Displays, Fabrications (plastic weld, strip heat and bend, Phenolics, UHMW…



Conveyors: Chips: MASTER CONVEYORS: Canadian manufactured. Hinged steel belt systems for chips, scraps, coolant filtration, & recycling; magnetic conveyors; metal way covers.

Metal:  Aluminum Extrusions, Castings, CNC Machining, Fabricating, MIM, Powder Metal Molding, Screw Machine, Stampings, Springs, Sheet Metal Work, Wire Forms

Imports: Cost reduction through global quotes & manufacturing: castings & forgings from Korea, rubber & plastic from Asia – Pacific; bulk bags from Turkey.

Textiles: Industrial fabrics, batt, composites, felts, cut & sewn – install grommets; bags; covers; filters; insulation


NEOPRENE®, VITON®, TEFLON® are registered trademarks of E.I. DUPONT. DEVACON® is a registered trademark of ITW DEVCON. PERMABOND® is a registered trademark of PERMABOND INTERNATIONAL.IGLIDE® DRYLIN® CHAINFLEX® are registered trademarks of Igus, Inc. SUPER ALLOY® is a trademark of ITW PHILADELPHIA RESINS.

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