Brass: A Timeless Material


Brass has made a comeback.  Well, actually, the best of its kind never went away.  

As a former trend-forecaster, I am keenly aware of fads and cultural shifts in taste.  But quality never goes out of fashion.  And there is a mountain of difference between the ubiquitous 90’s-era golden bling and its well-bred cousins: solid brass and gilded metal.  

Solid brass refers to the material used in the construction of a piece.  If left unfinished, the brass will age naturally and develop a softened patina over time.  Gilded metal is just as it sounds, and when authentic can only be achieved by hand-applying individual sheets of gold leaf (which are available in various shades) directly to the metal surface.  Both offer truly unique, high-end looks that are always in style.    

(Thankfully) highly polished, imitation gold has seen its time, and likely will not resurface.  We have all collectively been there and done that.  And we are over the hollow feeling and bad taste that cheap imitation leaves.  

We at Oak Hill are pleased to offer items of enduring style and true quality, with great emphasis on timeless materials and finishes.  So, enjoy your purchase now, and rest assured it will stay relevant and intact well into the future.