Brighten a Room with Glass


Glass surfaces are beautiful and practical.  That is why you will see so many offered amongst our furnishings.  

A bit of polish and sparkle can brighten and lighten up a room and provide relief from otherwise brown furniture.  And the form the glass table or lighting takes can drastically alter the attitude of a room.  Insert a funky glass and brass table, and instantly update your space.  Or add some glam with a crystal and gilt chandelier or sconce.  

And then have a party, without worry about rings on the table surface: they just wipe away.  Drink in the ambiance from the new lighting, glinting elegantly as your guests sip and chat away.  Altogether easy additions that can make a room (and an evening) ever so elegant and enjoyable.   

It’s these small touches that can elevate a space and one’s experience in it.  At Oak Hill, we are committed to timeless style that lives beautifully.  We hope you and (and your guests) enjoy these furnishings as much as we do.