Lessons from the Kitchen


Cooking a meal is very much like designing a home.  A bit of nuanced flavor here or there can drastically alter both the experience and the end result.  

Much to the chagrin of my regiment-loving husband, I do not use recipes in cooking.  Nor do I use formulas in interior design projects.  I believe each process must be informed by past experiences, personal tastes, and the desires of the moment.  And that the very best result is achieved by listening closely and reading between the lines.  

So I browse recipes regularly, noting what sounds good, what I’d like to try, what goes together, and what foods and preparations are not my cup of tea.  I do this without prejudgments or plans, but simply an awareness of what may be pleasing.  Then I decide the menu, select the very best ingredients, and get to work.  

This type of nimbleness is key in good home design.  That is why I am pleased to present high-quality furnishings with artful forms, timeless appeal, and endless versatility.  No matter the flavor of your space today, or the new shapes it will take in the years to come, these furnishings will flawlessly work together and with your existing pieces to elevate the everyday living experience.  

So, throw out the recipe books and rule books, and focus on individual items that are interesting in their own right, but also balance with the whole.  That is what you will find at Oak Hill.  Enjoy!