Adjusting the Sensitivity of Your Easy Mole Trap

Catching the elusive mole is not easy, but we are here to help and give you the resources and guidance you need. If you already own our Easy Mole Trap then you are one step ahead of the game. If you don’t, then you must enjoy bouncing around on your lawn mower as you clean the grass off the top of each tunnel…

To ensure your Easy Mole Trap will bring you best chances of success, and if you feel the moles are crawling right underneath the trap, make sure the frame of the trap (figure 1) moves freely up and down with no resistance. If you feel resistance on this frame then the sensitivity of your trap needs to be adjusted.

Adjusting the sensitivity of the trap is a simple as loosening the bolts on either side of the trap, by a quarter turn, to the left (figure 1). If the frame does not move freely after this adjustment, turn each bolt again by a quarter turn. 

Do not get discouraged and give up hope on your dream of the perfect yard. It does take time to catch a mole so with patience and persistence we are sure you can achieve your goal. If you have additional questions setting the sensitivity of your Mole Trap, feel free to contact us at (513) 792-9100.

Thank you,

Oak Hill Unlimited

Mole Trap Major Parts.png